Manasugala Mathu Madhura

For those who want to know more about sports such as kho-kho, volley ball and others do make an entry into the first half and I assure you, you’d have learnt the rules by watching it! The director shows these games with much dedication in the first half, that sadly is wasted as it helps nothing! Those who want to kill time can walk into the second half, for the film with its mawkish sentimentality and a tragic end makes one feel the purpose of making such movies.

Sagar and Sangeetha are good friends right from their childhood and this friendship gradually develops into love, until to their shock, Sangeetha’s parents decide not to refuse a good proposal from a politician’s family. The two then decide to run away and bear the pains of living in a corrupt city. Finally they decide to return to their village.

One wonders why the director makes them elope for nothing in the first place! The idea given by their friends of enacting a drama of consuming poison in order to convince their parents, turns real, thus ending in tragedy.

A sloppy script, low score music and unnecessary songs which disturbs the pace of the movie makes it a pathetic one. Though the leading roles are debutantes, only Haripriya is promising while Anand needs to work more to establish himself in the industry. Source: Deccanherald

Manasugala Mathu Madhura Kannada movie Gallery
Cast: Anand, Haripriya
Director: Manju Maskalmatti
Producer: Vishnukant
Music: Dhanpal Singh Rajkumar
Language: KANNADA

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