Cake walk for Dr.Jayamala

For the election of new President to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Dr.Jayamala it is a cake walk. She has a very weak opponent Ba.Ma Harish in the contest.

Dr.Jayamala is sure of electing to the President post from the producers sector because she has the support of two prominent personalities of Kannada cinema Smt. Parvathamma Rajakumar and noted producer Rockline Venkatesh.

Dr.Jayamala a fighter for good causes is the first woman to occupy the apex body key position and she is the only one with doctorate to occupy the seat of power in the history of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce. In the previous years Dr.Jayamala held the positions of vice president, secretary and treasurer.

The election to the new members of KFCC is taking place on 28th of this month. Wednesday was the last date for filing the nominations to various positions.

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