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WITH Kamannana Makkalu, artiste Guru Dutt — who is known for doing negative roles— has graduated to the post of director.

And though his attempt deserves appreciation,this movie fails to impress. For those who intend to watch the film because of its misleading posters that show Pooja Gandhi, watch out, as she has done only a guest appearance for the film with a dance sequence that has no relevance to the film.

If the quality of the choreography is anything to go by, it seems Pooja herself doesn’t know why she is dancing. An advice to producer Rockline Venkatesh who has attempted to establish himself as an artiste in this movie: he should concentrate more on making good quality films that will bring him name and fame.

This film could also be a disappointment to Sudeep’s fans who would like to see him as a super hero. The performances by the heroines Deepu and Vaibhavi are glamorous, yet not up to the mark.

The movie is just passable with veteran artiste Doddanna emptying liquor bottles or spitting and yelling at someone.

There are a few comic scenes by Sadhu Kokila but they are at times indecent. The storyline goes thus — Kammana (Doddanna) and his ‘sons’ Krishna (Rockline Venkatesh) and Ramu (Sudeep) are petty thieves.

They decide to give up their ‘means of livelihood’ and lead decent lives, so they purchase a used (second-hand) lorry to earn their livelihood.

In a peculiar situation, they go to a village where they meet Raghuramaiah (Ramesh Bhat), a farmer and circumstances compel them to stay with Raghuramaiah. In the meantime, Krishna falls in love with Raghuramaiah’s daughter Kanaka (Vaibhavi) and the threesome help Raghuramaiah free his debt from Patel.

Meanwhile, Ramu falls in love with Patel’s daughter Gayathri (Deepu) and Patel arranges for her betrothal with Ramu.

Patel’s spoilsport brother-in-law Neelakanta (Adi Lokesh) enters the scene; he plans to usurp Patel’s vast property and marry Gayathri.

He even creates tiffs between Krisha and Ramu. The film ends on a positive note with Ramu and Krishna joining hands to teach Neelakanta a lesson. The movie is worth a watch, if you don’t have high expectations. Source: newindpress.com

Kamannana Makkalu Movie Photo Stills

Cast: Sudeep, Rockline Venkatesh, Deepu,Vaibhavi, Doddanna, Pooja Gandhi, Sadhu Kokila, Ramesh Bhat, Adi Lokesh.
Direction: Gurudutt
Production: Gurudutt
Music: Vidyasagar

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